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we are big data analytic company in indonesia

Our Profile

PT. All Data International is a System Integrator company with superb dedication on knowledge and technical capability in data solution. We strongly believe that data is a crucial company’s asset and a company’s data has the power in the business aspects alteration.

With numerous backgrounds in IT industry namely IT principal, System Integrator and IT Consultant, our people have profound experience in the world of information technology. Despite the backgrounds from which our people embark on, we all have one sole mission and vision to assist our customers in converting raw data into meaningful information, from this information into insights and from insights into action. For that reason, we have decided to name our company All Data International.

The Solution we provide covers Data Infrastructure, Data Preparation & Integration, Data Platform, Data Visualization and Data Analytics to discover insight that can have a real and positive business impact such as: improve business operational, increased performance and better decision making. The combination between the Big Data and the expertise to analyze the data will help the company in finding the key to boost the accuracy in business problem analysis and effectiveness in numerous business strategies decision.

PT. All Data International commits to maintain innovation and offer solutions and services in order to advocate efficiency, agility, and customers’ productivity.  As one of the fully commitments to all customers, we also do research and develop our own products (Intellectual Property) to accelerate data implementation and local content analytics.

Our Solutions

360 Degree View of Customer

We enrich your single customer view with customer profiling and segmentation and also match with the product profiling to deliver comprehensive and up to date360 degree view of your customers.

Customer Value Chain

We provides the solution to define transaction and relationship pattern across your customer to create the customer value chain. Utilizing this value chain solution will optimize cost acquisition per customer.

Fraud Detection

We provides Fraud detection solution that will focus solely on identifying high risk customer based on suspicious Money Laundering transaction that will help to minimize potential bank lost due to fraud transaction

Potential Customer Lead Generation

We provide a list containing social media username of people that showed interest based on the client’s objectives to generate customer list that interest in specific products or objectives.

Customer Churn Analysis

We discover detailed customer behavior and grasp data from many sources including external factors (the economy, demographics, and life stage) in order to understand and predict the probable causes of customer churn.

Predictive Maintenance

Through sensors and other machine-generated data, companies can identify when a malfunction is likely to occur. The company can then preemptively order parts and make repairs, avoiding downtime and lost profits.

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