Senior Data Scientist

Full Time

Indonesia, Jakarta Barat

Posted 28 Oct 2021


  • Lead end-to-end deployment of advanced analytics pipeline, collaborating with product owner, data engineering, or backend engineer team.
  • Translating business to data science problem, and performing online experiments to validate the hypothesis.
  • Mentor more junior team member, performing code review, and assisting the team to grow together.
  • Design analytics framework (ML and statistical model) for various use cases.
  • Maintain the quality and execution of the analytics models for various products.
  • Perform periodic review on the implementation of the model and data pipeline.
  • Collaborate with the data science and analytics (internal or external team) to produce high-quality dashboard per business user requirements.
  • Collaborate with analytics team to advice on the usage of internal and external data asset to solve business problems.
  • Perform consultative and help the implementation of analytics use case across the organization and be the champion in terms of advanced analytics models such as Machine Learning.
  • Perform exploratory data analysis on various data sources to get new insights to improve and give recommendation for clients.



  • Bachelor/Master Degree
  • 4+ years of experience in Data Science / Analytics, such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Having exposure to lead end-to-end deployment of advanced analytics pipeline, collaborating with data engineering or backend engineer team
  • Experienced in translating business to data science problem, and performing online experiments to validate the hypothesis
  • Implemented analytical or Machine Learning model to production, which are run on a periodic basis to solve specific business use case
  • Developed analytics or ML model such as regression, clustering, or classification.
  • Experienced in crafting raw or tabular data into insights and presenting it to the stakeholders via means of compelling data visualizations
  • Experienced in collaborating with various data-related roles in the organization to solve business use case, e.g., with Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Product Manager
  • Performed model monitoring to ensure that the trained model is stable and reliable
  • Experienced in design A/B testing scenarios in an online experiment setting to validate hypothesis and test the performance of the analytical models. Also interpreting the result of the experiments in metrics which are well-understood by business users
  • Excellent programming skills in Python/R
  • Excellent data query or manipulation skill using SQL
  • Experienced in using various tools for data science/analytics such as scikit-learn, pandas, numpy
  • Experienced in using data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI
  • Experienced in using various database platform such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hive, Bigquery, etc
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Having experimental mindset which is driven by intellectual curiosity to always find and improve their own works
  • Knowledge of data framework in Python such as Kedro, Airflow, MLFlow, etc is a plus
  • Have background knowledge on Financial, Telco or FMCG industry.