Our Team

Our teams facilitate enterprises to analyze high-speed information at real time and produce relevant predictive correlations and patterns. We have the spirit to learn and grow as we are fearless in facing obstacles and turning them into perfect opportunities. We uphold freedom of creation and live by our purpose, aspiration and imagination to go beyond and make things happen. We are committed to promote innovation and provide the best solutions and services to our customer.

Our Leaders

Indra Gunawan


One small step out of a good will can bring us to something beyond imagination.

I am very passionate to help you turning your data to be more meaningful insights for an accurate decision-making.

Yani Purwanto

President Director

Data is part of the vital thing in the process of deciding the business. The leader or decision-maker needs good data quality to run the Company.

I am very interested to be your partner to provide good data quality, for helping the leader or decision-maker to make the right direction of the business; hence they make decision-based on the data, not the assumption.

Eduard Sumual

Sales Director

You will not be able to understand the performance of your company without good quality data to measure it. 

We will help your company transformation into a data driven company.

Our Teams

Susetio Nugroho

Technical Delivery Lead

Ine Handayani

Data Scientist Lead

Hermawan Sandi

Solution Lead

Ivana Santosa

Finance & Accounting Lead